How to create and use Waves client

We have put together a very easy to follow tutorial to help guide you in creating your first cryptocurrency wallet. Get a pen and a piece of paper near you, you will need them a bit later.
Waves client is much more than just a wallet, but for now we’ll keep things simple. Here we go.

  • head over to (always double-check the address in the browser to avoid any phishing attempts, or for best practice bookmark it and log in only from your saved link);
  • on the page, you are offered an option to download the desktop app or to continue with the web client. We will cover the online side in this tutorial, so you can go ahead and click “continue with web”

waves client 1

  • in the next screen you will click “create a new account”. If you already have an account with them, you can use that to claim the free ViC.waves client 2
  • here you can select your avatar. you will notice that your account address will change with different avatars, so you can select an address you like more. If you’re not too fussy, just click on continue

waves client 3

  • in the next screen, we will give our new account a name, and set a password;

waves client 4

  • this is one of the most important steps: backing up your security phrase. You need to keep this offline, written on a piece of paper. If you lose your password, you can only access your funds by restoring your wallet using the security words. They are your only way into your account, so make triple sure they are safe! Press the “Back Up Now” button.

waves client 5

  • next we’ll get a stern warning from the Waves team regarding our accounts security. Please read carefully and apply!

waves client 6

  • the backup phrase screen will show you the secret words that are the key to unlock your account. Now would be the time to write these words down, in the correct order they appear on your screen.

waves client 7

  • before your account is created, you will be required to provide the security words from previous screen. Click them in the right order then click confirm.

waves client 8

  • and we’re nearly there. Check all the boxes, then confirm and begin

waves client 9

  • in the top left corner you will find your public address. Use this to receive Waves and any other token on the waves network. For Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto, click the “receive” button and follow instructions. They come from different networks and use a different address.

waves client 10

And just like that, in 10 simple steps you have created your first cryptocurrency wallet and are ready to receive tokens.