What we do here to help the cryptocurrency movement and the world

Our mission explained further

Before you decide to sell your Vialcoins,  always consider how absolutely unique the coin we are designing will be.

The first aspect is the % fee.

It doesn’t only make sense from a scaling point of view, as in, no matter the price of a ViC, it will always be affordable to spend $10 worth of Vialcoins. We do not expect fiat to become extinct anytime in the foreseeable future, so it will always be our default go-to.

Furthermore, similarly to Bitcoin’s transaction fees, fiat money has tax. Tax money is supposed to come back to the tax payer in form of services, much in a way fees go back to the miners, except one is centralized, and controlled by government, the other decentralized and controlled by nobody. What do you think will happen to our human race if we were all charged a nominal $10.000 tax per year, no matter how much money you make? How will that affect society? Why do you think tax everywhere in the world is calculated in % and not as nominal?

All cryptocurrencies out there inherit the nominal fee flaw, and this was one of our main reasons for starting this project.

Second aspect is the social part.

Because our blockchain will be extremely secure (we will explain this in the next article “The mining”), and because our target audience are honest, hard working people, who would just like to be part of a cryptocurrency network where trust is favored to secrecy, sociability to anonymity and fairness to favoritism.

We have reason to believe this category of people comprises of at least 70% of the planet, and that’s actually us being conservative. Even 70% out of an estimated 8 billion people, is a pretty great number. In our later stages, you will be able to actually see who you are sending money to, if they are registered with us. Trust, reliability and speed statistics will be added to all vendor profiles, so whenever you decide to spend, you will know exactly who you’re sending the money to.

If you decide to sell your ViC

Please keep in mind a couple of things:

  1.  Our pre-ICO sale of 10.000 ViC will stay unchanged at 0.02 WAV/ViC;
  2.  Do not sell the entire position. It’s always wise to keep some coins when it comes to cryptocurrencies, especially one that pays compounding interest monthly;
  3. We are still adjusting our ICO and Bounty percentages, so our official launching price might be much greater than the current 0.02.
  4. We might live on the waves blockchain for now, but this is only a token for a much greater project. You just might be the person who sold 100 Bitcoins 12 years ago for 50 cents.
  5.  Vialcoin is not a pump and dump!  Vialcoin is not a get rich scheme! Do not expect the price to shoot up spectacularly anytime too soon. Vialcoin is more like the proverbial tortoise , in for the very, very long run.


We are writing this since we can see on the Waves DEX there is already a demand and some have sold their entire lot. It is your right to do so, and we are just as sad to see such a quick sellout as we are glad to see interest on the market.

In the end, once in your wallet, they are your coins, and you are free to do what you like with them. We can only offer advice, and once we’re ready to officially launch the final version, our registered users will be the first to know, and first in line to start mining a new type of crypto. It doesn’t matter if you have 0 or 10.000 ViC.

 We thank you all the same for believing in us. ❤
 If you woukd like to claim our token, check availability here.
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