Vialcoin 1.03a Tips

A quick guide for the new interface

As you can see in the images below, next to my profile picture are 3 images in circles. You can add links to your website, LinkedIn profile, and your favorite online product or service.
edit new1
By going to your profile-edit, you will see the screen below.
1.03a profile edit2

You can use this to add a back-link to your site, your LinkedIn profile, and a link to a product you tested. You can add a partner site, an affiliate link, pretty much anything. Just make sure it’s quality, or your profile will suffer.

Keep in mind we are building a network of people who will always have some ViC to spend. Trust and popularity features will be added, and much more. We won’t just be the most social cryptocurrency, we’ll be the most interactive as well.

Fake accounts

Up to this point (1% of total 15.000 members, first give-away), we have allowed anybody who registered with Facebook or LinkedIn to claim. We’re tightening up the filtering process and will refuse any accounts that look fake, purely created to claim.

Any duplicate accounts that exist will be filtered out when we launch. Please understand that what we’re building here only has value if it’s widely distributed. It takes a lot less time to share our page than to create a fake account, and by sharing you will add more value to your existing coins than by claiming an extra 100.

Bloggers and website owners

In the initial stage of Vialcoin, bloggers and website owners will benefit the most, as online services are the first and easiest market for Vialcoin to start being spent. In addition to the free coins you can claim at this stage, our entire infrastructure will be designed to help you boost you traffic and revenue.

Join us today! If you already did, please share ❤

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