Upgrade to V Alpha 1.03a

  Upgrade complete

Look redesigned and functionallity of the website greatly improved. In the next updates we’ll enhance the social aspect even more, and in the final version each user will have a “wallet” tab under it’s profile, where all transactions are visible to all network. All cards on the table, all the time. With a little detective work, this can already be done using member&wallet page and the Live Distribution Feed

After we launch, the wallet tab inside your profile will be private for the greater public, and only available to other Vialcoin registered users. As our network grows, further measures will be added in order to avoid duplicate accounts. At the moment we’re 2 users away from 1% (150 registered users who claimed).

After this point new user profiles will be vetted further. We will consider date of account creation & activity, and reserve the right to refuse any account that looks suspicions from claiming the give-away. If only people would share instead of trying to cheat, it would give their 100 coins a lot more value than 200 Coins each if all cheat. At this stage it’s all about a fair and overall even, early distribution. We are putting in countless hours in addition to most starting capital, and only took 100.000 ViC out of 84.Mil, not only because we believe in our mission, but because here at Vialcoin we mean business when it comes to fairness.

For the final stages we are exploring options for implementing Biometric Blockchain Sollutions. It’s a very efficient way to keep accounts unique, and offers a chance to the least fortunate of this world to join our network, with only the help of a smartphone and a bit of guidance perhaps.


The no.1 controversy addressed

Most people who love cryptocurrencies love the privacy they can offer. Vialcoin loves the security and transparency that the blockchain brings. Once you begin to understand that if you keep your security data offline, the blockchain is basically unbreakable, and once you understand that a fair network can never be achieved through anonymity and Fixed fees, you will hopefully see that Vialcoin is the only cryptocurrency worth having, holding, telling people about…

In addition to being the ONLY social cryptocurrency, you have to consider that the blockchain is still a technology in it’s infancy. Recently China started regulating Initial Coin Offerings, we expect many other countries to come up with various laws aimed at cryptocurrencies in general, and when that moment comes, Vialcoin will have the best chances to be found compliant and continue to work within a legal international framework. We are building a cryptocurrency for the people, by the people, social, transparent, fair and focused on the customer/vendor quality factor. When studying the graph below, keep in mind that despite Bitcoin hitting mainstream a few times now, it’s rate of adoption is only between 1-3%.


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