Testing and raising funds

  JSE Coin

While searching for possible solutions to some of our most challenging problems, such as limiting the mining per user, I have come across JSE coin, that has pretty much covered all issues.

They use a new protocol called Proof Of Life, which enables browser mining and distinguishes between a real user an a bot. You can mine JSE coin from their website, and as a webmaster you can add a code to your website and use your traffic to mine.

Please note that you can turn the mining off while on our site, and that all JSE coins mined will be used solely for the Vialcoin project. I will find a way to display publicly and in real time how many coins we mine, and as our community grows we will decide together when and how we’ll spend the funds. Vialcoin is my idea, but it’s meant to be a DAO (distributed autonomous organization). I will make things clearer regarding this aspect and offer more incentives for people to join as active team members in the year to come.

At the bottom of the image below you can see the privacy warning. It will show after a few seconds when you visit Vialcoin.com

JSE privacy warning

Solo mining JSE coin

If you prefer to mine some JSE coins for yourself, beta registrations are still opened https://jsecoin.com

Note that the coins will only be mined while you stay on the mining page, and there are no guarantees that the coins you mine will actually be worth something. Personally I think it has the potential to be huge and change the way we look at online advertising, but also might provide the perfect solutions to making Vialcoin the coin I envision it to be.

JSE mining

The Link provided has a referral code. If you use it to sign up, you will receive 1 JSE coin from us, no purchase required.

The only condition for the bonus is: Accepted Countries: US,CA,GB,IE,AU,NZ,ZA
Currently we are unable to payout affiliate commissions for countries outside of our key target regions


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