Our Cryptocurrency Visibility Increased

We have made our cryptocurrency clearer

vic resFor a better understanding of how our initial distribution looks like, we have divided the total coins into 3 wallets. One containing the give-away funds, second the ICO funds, and third containing all the coins that will be mined. During Alpha phase, interest rates will also be paid from third wallet.

Click here to see full distribution of our token, Live from the blockchain.

Main addresses and usage as follows.

Out of a total of 84 million coins that will ever exist:

3PAksRYsQu8AmprLDs4LZLz6ebv8n2hBjDP80.000.000  ViC  This address will be used to pay interest rates until our coin is fully developed and you can start mining it. We’re hoping that by early next year we will be ready. Even if it takes longer, total interest paid will be 300.000-500.000 per year, which still leaves a hefty chunk to be mined. It is a bit hard to predict when we will be ready. Instead of a specific point in time, our checkpoints are measured in goals achieved. Our first goal is to Giveaway 1.000.000 VialCoins to registered users.
3P95U7SyDC38yVg4qcGeLrJL6XGqSRCs1J2: 2,000,000 ViC  This is the address used to create the WaVialcoin token and it holds our give-away funds.
 We still have a long way to go, and many coins to giveaway, but we are confident that once people understand what kind of network we are building, more and more will cash in. We do not claim any fiat value for Vialcoin at this stage. This is not a get-rich-quick kind of thing, this is a cryptocurrency, and one thrives to set it’self on a slow and steady pace upwards. After the first 1 mil Vialcoins have been claimed, we will start our first ICO.
3PJXyRUCrZVAszPm4oa1b5KpyRuCsZBvBNR1.900.000 ICO & Bounty Funds
 After the initial giveaway has completed, we will start our first ICO of 890.000 ViC . Funds raised from the ICO will be used to set-up a full node on Waves and turbocharge our coin on the “mother” platform, on setting an automatic way of easily transferring money from and to Waves wallet and run tests of scalability and compatibility. Hopefully, the coin will be ready before second and last ICO.
 A total of 10.000 Vialcoins will be available for sale pre-ICO, in order to cover operational costs, and a total of 100,000 from these funds will be offered as bounties.

 For a full disclosure 

3PQJQwdJ94xh9gN1WzpmYXrcRHM9NtoaoVV: founder initial share of 100,000 ViC. Besides the fact that this is an incredibly small share I take, compared to All other cryptocurrencies out there, I will use most of these coins to build up and promote the Markebit. At the moment the focus is on the coin and I’ll continue with the market at a more appropriate time.


Rewards – Part 1

 Check out our no 1 pick investment platform review and our offer, in addition to the 88%+ per month you gain from investing in our top earner. We have watched and researched for over a month before investing, and despite the unbelievable returns and projections, if these guys launch their own coin and have an ICO, these crazy returns might just work up until that point. I @v, believe that this company will be around for a while, but the return rates certainly will not.

By all means, do as much research on your own, and always remember any investment has risks. Only spend what you afford to lose, and don’t be greedy.

Our public strategy for the the platform is :

Auto-reinvest for one month (started 29.10). At the end of month 1, last Thursday evening the auto-reinvest option will be turned off. On Friday evening withdraw the day’s balance into the project’s official funds wallet , visible for everybody.

 After the withdraw is initiated, turn auto-reinvest back on, and keep withdrawing every other week the day’s balance. After the first Bitcoin has been raised, we will aim to keep a 40% of available funds in a safe Bitcoin wallet, 60% on the platform, a lot of which we will use to buy into their ICO, if they have one.

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