Good progress with Marketbit

Our freelancer cryptocurrency job market is well on it’s way and soon we’re be ready to take beta-testers. We’re working on implementing a fully working Bitcoin and Steem payment and withdrawal options. Once our coin is mature enough, our market will work exclusively on VialCoins.

work in progress

Our Market


With low commissions, a friendly and opened work environment, you will get the most quality our of your time / bitcoins here. At the moment we’re working hard to implement full bitcoin payment and withdrawal functionality, making us the only full cryptocurrency  site of this type.

Additionally, we will also have some unique features which we can’t really disclose right now, that will protect both sellers and buyers like no other freelancer job market does. Find  out how  to claim your first reward while in pre-launch mode, and be a part of the (r)evolution.


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I start to like your project