How to create your wallet using Waves.

 Waves Wallet and DEX tutorial

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and find it all a bit overwhelming, this post is made to make things very easy for you.

Just starting out, and creating your wallet, the most important thing you have to do is: Write Down Your Seed Words!!! Nobody can recover your wallet if you lose them and forget your password.

The easiest and fastest way is to create your wallet online.

After you click on the link above, in a new tab you will see the following page:

wallet front page

Front page

Here you must click on new account, and you will be prompted by a pop-up, that looks like this:

 This is another reminder about the importance of your seed-words. They really are they key to what is otherwise, an unbreakable safe!

After you click I understand, you will be taken to the screen where you create your wallet:

Here. you give your wallet a name, a password, copy your wallet seed words and never share them with anybody.

In case you skipped through and didn’t save your sensitive information, you can always find them again, as pictured below:

recover waves seed words

Here you recover your waves seed words

Keep your seed words secure, preferably on a piece of paper, or a USB flash drive offline.

Your deposit address is the string of numbers on top, highlighted in the image below.

When you click the wallet address, it get’s automatically copied to your clipboard. Next, you go to our wallets page, login with Facebook or LinkedIn and paste your address in the comments section.

Where can you see your Vialcoins?

On the second tab on top, you have the assets button.

After you press it, your screen will look like this.

Always look for the green tick next to an asset! Waves allows any type of tokens to be created, some have the same names as legit coins, and the only way to tell them apart is by the green tick. Any assets you own will show in this screen, except waves WAV. From here you can see the details of the tokens you own, as well as send them to any waves wallet.

Using the decentralized exchange

Third button on our Waves wallet opens the Decentralized exchange. The default market is BTC/WAV.

You might notice the the pop-up advising you as well to be aware of non-verified assets. If you get scammed, nobody can revert the transactions. You can browse the pre-selected pairs on the right, or write the name of the token you are looking for in the open boxes on top of the chart.

Final words

It will probably be over 1 year until Vialcoin will gain real value, so do not treat this as a get-rich-quick thing. I can see from the exchange that some already have put their entire positions for sale, and we would like to advise you against it. Once in your wallet, the tokens are yours, you can do whatever you like with them.

However, when dealing with cryptocurrencies it’s always wise to keep some, especially a cryptocurrency that pays interest without any action on your behalf until fully developed.

Create your Online Wallet

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Anuar M Ali

I’m still new ..
Not many contacts or followers
///but i’m thrill and ready to start

Adebayo Arasi

Thank you for this concise and straightforward explanation. You just made everything easier for me


It’s interesting one of my friend is using it and he told me about this and I am very curious how this work. Fingers crossed


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