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 Did you know that you can control the amount of e-mails you receive from this site?

At VialCoin, we hate spam just as much as anybody, and we are striving to build a network that puts you in total control of the communication you receive. Make sure to white-list our e-mail address support@vialcoin.com and no_reply@vialcoin.com so you don’t miss any important messages.


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As pictured above, if you click on your profile -> settings -> e-mail, you will be able to select your preferences.

We are still setting our e-mail functionality and infrastructure, please apologies  if everything isn’t working quite as it should, but usually that’s what Alpha versions mean*

Alpha: Is a coded version of the key features of the solution that will give people a chance to actually interact with proposed solution. It’s critical as there is always risk that the ‘I like the sound of this’ to ‘actually, this doesn’t make any sense’ will happen at this stage and you want to get to that point with minimal development. Alpha versions can often be done using more interactive wire-framing tools that can even be pulled into code later on. Any competent team  with conviction for what they are doing however will code an Alpha as the basis for what will become the actual product. Often an Alpha will be used to also identify and/or resolve any key technical challenges expected in the development.

We’re opened to feedback and your voice will always be heard.

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