August updates

 Vialcoin interest rates paid

First of all, thank you all for taking part in this alpha stage project, and for having patience while we were dealing with the site migration.

All interest rates have been paid, including the 5 accounts lost to migration.

#97 Author: Dominik Casanova

#96 Author: Ivan Rizzo

#95 Author: Miguel Garcia

#94 Author: Ulises Zuno

#93 Author: Andrey Paley

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We have sent all affected accounts a reward from our personal funds, and would love to have you back.

Hosting scaling issue fixed

Transfer to a faster and more secure VPS server complete. We’re now better prepared against any future attacks. Despite the fact that we do not store any sensitive information on our site, we have been a target for flood attacks a few times now, with the sole purpose of shutting the site down.

In addition to the extra security, we will scale much better to face huge volumes of traffic, without the need for another migration, since the VPS server can be easily upgrade to cope with any amount of visitors.

 Pre-ICO sale

Considering how new our coin is, the low starting budget of this project, and that at the time of writing this we’re only 122 registered members (including myself), our pre-ICO sale of 10.000 ViC is already 30% complete, at a fairly competitive price compared to other, much older cryptocurrencies out there.

Our idea is truly revolutionary and unique among all other blockchain applications, since we have mass market in mind, a coin that will always be affordable and tempting to join in mining. Because we are working to exclude competition among miners we expect Vialcoin to be a very friendly and helpful network as well.

Sponsored Ads

You might have noticed we’ve added google ads on last 3 pages of our website. Please understand that at this stage there is no additional income we can ignore.
It’s good to remember that any funds we receive from the pre-ICO sale as well as from adsense, will be used to promote and push the coin further towards our first goal : 5000 registered users.

 Final thoughts

We know better than most people how many coins there are out there, and how many keep popping up everyday. You could keep browsing and reading about alt-coins for months, if not years, without finding a single one that comes even close to what we are trying to achieve with Vialcoin 😉

The one thing that seems to put people off is the registration part, but we think it’s safe to assume, among all these crypto’s which are one more anonymous than the other, there is space for a “show off” cryptocurrency.

We’re considering becoming a closed network, meaning all information on our network, including the blockchain will be private on the www, and only available for registered users, but that’s much further in the future.

Thank you for reading. You can help greatly by sharing our concept with others.

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