Testing and raising funds

  JSE Coin While searching for possible solutions to some of our most challenging problems, such as limiting the mining per user, I have come across JSE coin, that has pretty much covered all issues. They use a new protocol called Proof Of Life, which enables browser mining and distinguishes between a real user an […]

Vialcoin 1.03a Tips

A quick guide for the new interface As you can see in the images below, next to my profile picture are 3 images in circles. You can add links to your website, LinkedIn profile, and your favorite online product or service. By going to your profile-edit, you will see the screen below. You can use […]

Upgrade to V Alpha 1.03a

  Upgrade complete Look redesigned and functionallity of the website greatly improved. In the next updates we’ll enhance the social aspect even more, and in the final version each user will have a “wallet” tab under it’s profile, where all transactions are visible to all network. All cards on the table, all the time. With […]

August updates

 Vialcoin interest rates paid First of all, thank you all for taking part in this alpha stage project, and for having patience while we were dealing with the site migration. All interest rates have been paid, including the 5 accounts lost to migration. #97 Author: Dominik Casanova 3PPaBtG5ZtbZes8hNpocrmr3M6g2mGWjcej