New Bakkt Venture Could Make Bitcoin As Mainstream As Starbucks

Bakkt, the next big capital investment in cryptocurrencies will see crypto one step closer to mainstream adoption as it facilitates easy payments using crypto. There are whales outside crypto that can make a crypto-whale look like a sardine, and those money are coming into Bitcoin. Maybe some other alts, but definitely BTC.

Warren Buffett recently made headlines by comparing Bitcoin to rat poison and predicting that cryptocurrencies will “come to bad endings.” The Google search string “warren buffett bitcoin rat poison” returns nearly 1 million hits. Meanwhile, Jeff Sprecher’s announcement of his new cryptocurrency venture, Bakkt, went virtually unnoticed outside of the crypto-fanatic world. (A Google search of “sprecher bakkt” returns less than 15,000 hits). Given Buffett’s near legendary status in the investment community”

Source: New Bakkt Venture Could Make Bitcoin As Mainstream As Starbucks