Stellar, What Is It Good For? – Crypto Daily™

Stellar is one of the coins that deserves some attention, and if you don’t have it in your portfolio, you probably should. Capable of smart contracts, decentralized, fast and incredibly cheap, XLM is one crypto with a lot of potential.

“Stellar, XLM, Lumens, whatever you want to call it. Stellar has flown of late, hitting comfortable prices and becoming the markets favourite alternative to XRP, a cryptocurrency with a diminished reputation and a grim outlook. Whilst XLM and XRP aren’t direct competitors as such, comparing XRP and XLM is a great way to show off the growth of XLM. The growth of XLM however is not down to a demise in XRP, rather, the growth in XLM is a direct result of Stellar and the team at Stellar making incredible …”

Source: Stellar, What Is It Good For? – Crypto Daily™