Turkish Lira’s Collapse Sees Media Highlight Bitcoin’s Relative Stability

Turkey and Venezuela have turned to Bitcoin in times of financial crisis, and the next global breakdown will see Bitcoin sore to unimaginable heights. "Mainstream media seized on the unraveling currency crisis in Turkey Monday, August 13, with Bloomberg publicizing a demonstration of Bitcoin’s (BTC) comparatively low volatility. Leading with the headline “Turkey Meltdown Propels... Continue Reading →

Crypto Markets Slump Again, With Bitcoin Holding Gains | Cointelegraph

Bitcoin gains dominance over 50%, and a bull run is quietly forming. "Saturday, Aug. 11: after short-lived recovery attempt yesterday, cryptocurrencies have suffered another slump today. Almost all cryptocurrencies are down by significant percentages, with Bitcoin (BTC) being a notable exception among the top 20 market cap, up under one percent on the day." Source: Crypto Markets Slump Again, With Bitcoin... Continue Reading →

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