VialCoin, The cryptocurrency

The First Cryptocurrency to charge a 0.01*% in transaction fees, in favor of the nominal 0.001 fixed. Fees are tax, and should always be %. All fees will go back to the miners,and all miners are limited to the same, affordable, mining capacity. We apply the most socialistic distribution model, through automation, on the most democratic blockchain that ever existed.

The only cryptocurrency that works towards implementing a limit to how much power each user can mine with. Truly a coin that empowers each of it’s users in the same way, everybody’s vote has the same weight in the network. By disabling industrial size mining operations, we empower the individual and ensure our coin’s infrastructure can never end up in private hands.

Total 84 Million Coins

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Other 4 Mil

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The First Cryptocurrency which strives to deploy a Universal Basic Income viable solution using the blockchain technology. Somebody still needs to work, but that somebody can be your computer. Deploy and earn using technology, while pursuing a career that truly fulfills you. We believe our world is in dire need of more people chasing dreams and purpose, and less people chasing money.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, we focus on transparency, sociability and trust. We cannot stop anonymous wallets from being created, but we will always encourage our users to transact only with other registered users. There is no need for secrecy, because the blockchain is extremely secure. Honest work can be done openly and actually receive praise and further benefits.

Claim your free coins today, and join the most progressive cryptocurrency concept.

VialCoin, a cryptocurrency  designed with fairness in mind.

VialCoin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency designed to serve all it’s users in the same way, and potentially redistribute the wealth of the planet, combating poverty and unemployment.

Many issues need to be addressed, since the coin we’re trying to bring to life is not just a copy & paste from any existing one, so during the Alpha stage, we have created a token on Waves, to track early adopters of our concept and the rewards entitled to them. When we launch officially, you will be able to exchange your ViC tokens at a 1:1 rate with the ViC cryptocurrency. As a token, it still has all the functions of a cryptocurrency, except transaction fees are paid at a fixed 0.001 WAVES, and you can’t really mine it. As a token, it will however earn you 0.5% compounding interest monthly, totally passive on your behalf, without any further action required after receiving the funds.

Number of coins and initial distribution as pictured above

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 First Connected Project:

marketplace for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Work still in progress and quite a long way until full ViC payment implementation. We should have a working Bitcoin Gateway soon.

If you want to put your bitcoins to work, or want to earn Bitcoins by doing online jobs, our MarketBit will be the place to do so for the lowest commission.

Later edit : Looking at the sanctions against  Initial Coin Offerings , we are developing a plan to offer most, if not all the ICO funds in bounties, in case more countries follow China. It is unlikely, but it is good to be prepared.

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