The Vialcoin Project

 Vialcoin (ViC) was born over a year ago, with the aim to create a fairly distributed cryptocurrency that is social, transparent and has build in mechanisms to keep the fairness long after the initial distribution has been completed.
 Because the project is very low budget, to avoid current and/or further complications with the new GDPR rules, our site has been stripped down to it’s bare essentials. We’re not storing any data anymore, and all further activities will be run on Facebook alone.
 Join our group to claim the coins and like our page to keep up to date with our progress.


 The ViC Token

For now, Vialcoin exists only as a token on the Waves platform. Waves has been chosen due to it’s ease of use, very fast transaction speed and it’s integrated decentralized exchange, meaning our token is instantly listed on at least 1 exchange.
In this stage ViC is more like a risk free tutorial for people who don’t own any crypto and would like to go through the process without having to pull out their bank details.
We claim no value for the coin other than what existing users are selling and buying it for. 


Because we’re trying to be cryptocurrency that’s fair, transparent and most importantly, without thieves and scammers, we plan to combine both privacy and individuality in our future coin. By combining the security login with bio-metric blockchain solutions like The Key, every user will only have One wallet in our network. We strive to be social, but if a user prefers anonymity, he/she can still use the wallet and the network under a pseudonym as long as their activities are honest.

 Mining will be done through the wallet, and mining power limited per user, ensuring everybody’s mining at the same rate and everybody’s vote has the same weight. This makes us not just the most decentralized coin, but also impossible to suffer a 51% attack.
Social media and vendor tools will be added. Trust scores and feedback will help us build the most robust cryptocurrency environment.

Blacklist option available for deals that go sour. Users will have to option to blacklist a wallet they transacted with, meaning they will never process any transactions for that user using their mining power. If somebody get’s blacklisted frequently, their transaction speed can be reduced down to 10 years.
Decay will occur if no transactions at all have been made for over 6 years, and it means that all the funds in the decayed wallet go back to the mining funds.